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Dedicated to the memory of the children and staff of Sandy Hook

School that lost their lives in the Newtown Massacre


Bob is an outspoken supporter of sensible gun laws to protect our children. The video is dedicated to the memory of the children and educators who lost their lives in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.  Marcy is quick to point out that “we have killed more people, especially children, in the streets, businesses, and homes in America since the inception of our country than in all the wars put together, including the civil war.”  “When is enough, enough?”


Blowin’ in the Wind was arranged by Bob Marcy and features three generations of singers: 

                                            Bob Marcy,  Adrienne, and Arena Marciante



The following article was expanded from the original piece published in the Chicago Tribune (March, 2017)

The Real Danger

Since 1968 to the present time, the number of gun related deaths in America total over 1.4 million.

That is the equivalent to the entire population of Hawaii. Think of that! We have lost a population

equivalent to an entire State in less than 50 years.

If every person in Hawaii were to stop everything for just 5 minutes and go outdoors, exactly at the

same time, and lay down so aerial photos could be taken, Americans would see the magnitude of

carnage caused in the United States by guns and gun violence.

The Trump administration’s attempt to place a temporary ban on travel from 6 predominately Muslim

countries has been held up twice by the courts. The stated purpose for the President’s original, and

revised Executive Orders was to protect Americans.

The administration should focus upon the real danger and that danger is within. If the President real

wants to keep Americans safe he could have begun by looking within the country, instead of

attempting to institute a ban on refugees who already go through a stringent vetting process.

We have pasted the time when Gun Safety Legislation is a debatable issue. I can think of 1,400,000

people who would agree with me but they are no longer with us.

Dr. Bob Marciante

Darien, IL