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Dedicated to the memory of the children and staff of Sandy Hook

School that lost their lives in the Newtown Massacre


Bob is an outspoken supporter of sensible gun laws to protect our children. The video is dedicated to the memory of the children and educators who lost their lives in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.  Marcy is quick to point out that “we have killed more people, especially children, in the streets, businesses, and homes in America since the inception of our country than in all the wars put together, including the civil war.”  “When is enough, enough?”


Blowin’ in the Wind was arranged by Bob Marcy and features three generations of singers: 

                                            Bob Marcy,  Adrienne, and Arena Marciante



The following article was expanded from the original piece published in the Chicago Tribune (March 2017).  Since 

the publication of this article there have been several mass shootings along with approximately 90-100 people per day - victims of gun violence.

Dr. Marciante has given presentations regarding gun safety education as well as publishing articles in local media and the Chicago Tribune.

Gun Violence in America

Since 1968 to the present time, the number of gun related deaths in America total over 1.4 million. The population of Hawaii is approximately 1.4 million. Reflect on those facts for a moment.  We have lost a population equivalent to an entire state in America to gun violence in just over 50 years.  The carnage caused by gun violence in America is astonishing. Have we lost all sense of empathy and compassion as a society?

An AR-15 military-style semi-automatic weapon was used in the massacre which occurred on Valentine’s Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.  The same style weapon was used in the massacres in Las Vegas and at Sandy Hook Elementary school and in other recent mass shootings.  The AR-15 was classified as an ‘assault-style’ weapon and outlawed under the assault weapons ban passed by Congress.  Unfortunately, the ban was allowed to lapse in 2004.

A ban on assault style weapons, and extended magazine clips, should be passed by Congress. Gun show loopholes and background checks, along with other common sense safety legislation should be considered.  None of which would impede law-abiding gun owners from exercising the rights under the Second Amendment.

Mental health issues and protecting rights under the Second Amendment are valid concerns and must be addressed.  However, guns are central to addressing ‘gun’ violence in America.  The time is past due for action to reduce the carnage we hear about every day.

The Biden administration, with public support, should demand that Congress act to produce and pass gun safety legislation.

You are encouraged to view a short audio-video presentation in honor of the children and staff of Sandy Hook School who died in the 2012 massacre ( click on dedication).  It’s impossible to watch the faces of these children without experiencing a sense of outage.

There are many active support groups who promote gun safety legislation.  Become an active member of one of these organizations.

In the absence of meaningful legislation to address the gun crisis, the Congress and the President will go down in history as co-conspirators with the NRA in maintaining the status quo.

We have long passed the time when gun safety legislation is a debatable issue.  I can think of 1,400,000 people who would agree with me however they are no longer with us.

Dr. Bob Marciante



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